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Name: Michael Black
Date/Time: 9/30/2000 1:05 AM
Subject: Re: A Grown-Up Experience!

Hi, Fun Huse,

I have one regret over all this! It is that we - thee & me - can't go down to a good Old fashioned English Pub and have a good drink together!!! What a chat we could have! REALLY put the world to rights!

Cheers, my friend!

Fun House on 9/29/2000 7:43 PM said:

>Hello, Michael,
>Thank you for the wonderful commentary on my post! Though I wouldn't say it was mean or demeaning by any stretch of the imagination. I am simply challenging the director's path. Call me a petty tyrant, if you will. It is ok. I'm certainly not hurt by what you have to say. Actually... maybe I'm a tad remorseful for starting off as such a jerk, but it is done, and in the past, and well, c'est la vie :-)
>I'm glad you do not pity me and I'm glad that you feel so strongly about this place. I hope that you continue to put your thoughts down on this forum.
>So, all that wishy washy crud aside... You speak like you know me or something. I could be anybody, I could be that kind old lady you meet in the mornings when you're walking. Do you think I support this movement? Do you think I would put so much time in to making sharp comments and witty little 'clever' words on this forum if I didn't believe in what was going on. When the fire settles, and time has passed, and there is action on the front line, so to speak, I'll be glad to have instigated some of it, even if it came from my inner a-hole. So, Michael, now that you have given me a piece of your mind, and I have given you a piece of mine, let's get on with something that stimulates more than the emotions.
>Fun House

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